Fully Managed IT Support

Our Fully Managed IT Support Service delivers unlimited remote IT support and engineer’s onsite when required, plus proactive monitoring all at a fixed price.

With fully managed IT support we offer much more value than just fixing IT problems. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their business and provide the right technology solutions that meet their needs.

We provide unlimited support, where our IT helpdesk are always on-hand to resolve any IT problems to ensure that your business can continue to work. Our support is delivered by a highly trained and dedicated team of engineers that are able to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of technical understanding.

We optimise your entire IT infrastructure so that it performs efficiently and as a result, we also work pro-actively, to ensure that your network performs effectively to minimise any disruption to your network by preventing problems before they arise. We invest in tools that proactively monitor your network and systems; they will highlight any potential issues enabling us to intervene before a small problem escalates into a major one.

Our server status reports are also included within our fully managed IT support contract, they provide a thorough check of your server infrastructure designed to highlight any potential issues before they occur.

We take complete responsibility for our customers overall IT requirements, by managing day-to-day services, providing long-term advice and deliver exceptional value in one complete IT Solution. We consider ourselves part of your team, at the core of your business ensuring that your IT network is taken care of so that you can focus on growing your business.


Why should you switch to Fully Managed IT Support?

Fixed IT Support Costs

With your IT support costs fixed for the year it makes it easier to predict and control your company’s IT budget. You never have to worry about the expense of repairing a network or PC problem, as these services are provided to you within your fixed fee support contract.

Lower IT Support Costs

With unlimited support based on the number of servers and/or PCs you have, your fixed yearly cost can save on your usual IT support expenditure.

Reduced Costly Downtime

Chances are, we will prevent major network issues from happening in the first place. With server status reports that we run on a monthly basis, we can catch many of the problems before they interrupt your service, meaning that any downtime can be prevented.

The onus is on us!

We are responsible for your entire network and any major system failures so it is on our interest to ensure your network is performing efficiently. Our dedicated team are always here on hand to assist tour business with any IT needs or queries. We pride ourselves on our customer service and always ensure that we deliver high-quality and efficient IT consulting and support.

Whats Included


Management Service

  • 24/7 Alerting for servers and network devices.
  • Anti-Virus, malware and Ransomware software.
  • Backup Monitoring.
  • Server, network and system updates.

Network Admin

  • Network Administration and configuration.
  • Assistance creating security policies.
  • Full documentation of your network.
  • Server and network and system updates.


  • Unlimited telephone and remote support.
  • Guaranteed fast response times.
  • Unlimited onsite IT Support.
  • Unrestricted hardware & software support.
  • A dedicated account manager.


Server Status Reports

As part of our support packages we provide Server Status Reports (SSRs). Carried out either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, an engineer will remote access your server and run through a 16 point check list to in sure the server and network is fully functional.

Our SSR’s are designed to highlight any potential areas of failure that could occur, so that we can prevent them in advance and therefore provide better business continuity.

The results of the check are submitted in a report, clearly showing the status of the network and detailing our recommendations.

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Contact us on 01392 824022 to discuss your IT requirements and we will arrange a free audit and IT consultation.

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