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Statistics show that SMEs are hit by 62% of all cyber-attacks and that 60% of small companies are unable to sustain their businesses over six months following a cyber-attack. 33% have suffered a data breach in the last year.

Undesirable “traditional” activities such as trickery, misrepresentation, fraud, theft, intimidation, bullying, blackmail, activism and espionage have all migrated to the Internet, but they masquerade in strange terms such as phreaking, phishing, spoofing, DoS, ID-Theft and Ransomware.

These new terms hide behind an imagined technical complexity. Yet with just a little knowledge, we can counter the 80% of cyber-attacks that use basic, often non-technical techniques and prevent them from being successful.


No prior training or knowledge is required for those attending this course.


The aim of the course is to empower staff owning, operating and/or working for an SME with a basic understanding of the most common cyber threats in order to be able to apply simple and effective measures to ensure they do not become a victim.


They will understand:

  • How and why hacking began, and how it has evolved to what we face today;
  • The basic types of threats, malware and attacks;
  • How such attacks are perpetrated and how they can be rendered unsuccessful;
  • What policies are needed and why;
  • How cyber security and business continuity share a common footprint;
  • About the Cyber Essentials scheme developed by UK Government and Industry;
  • How the controls defined within can be implemented in an effective yet cost-efficient manner;
  • How Cyber Essentials provides their customers, supply chain and investors with confidence;
  • How to secure Wi-Fi;
  • Threats and measures specific to mobile devices, road warriors and public Wi-Fi;
  • About data and the GDPR;
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc – how to avoid social media pitfalls;
  • What to do next.

Audience members will learn what the “technical” terms mean in plain English. They will no longer be shrouded in mystery and they will be able to see how they can implement effective and appropriate measures to protect their business, themselves and their families.


At AME Solutions we take Cyber Security very seriously and we always encourage businesses to make sure they have a security policy in place. In addition to this, there are a range of security solutions that help to reduce the risk of a business being affected by Cyber attacks.

If you feel this is an area that your business could improve on, please contact our security specialists today. We can discuss how your business deals with these threats currently, identify any weaknesses and then discuss how you can improve on this to ensure that your business is protected against these threats keeping your risk to a minimum.



Courseware and manual, certificate of achievement, refreshments and lunch are all included in this course

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