PRINCE2® Foundation to Practitioner


PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is an approach to project management which provides a method for planning as well as managing projects effectively. It is widely used by the UK government as well as internationally and in private sector. PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner is a combined course which helps you to achieve both the PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner certifications.


This course has no prerequisites, although it will be beneficial if delegates already have some experience of working in projects before attending this course.

Along with this, the below-mentioned delegates can also choose the course:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation/PMP®/CAPM® Certified
  • Projects Director and Certified Senior Project Manager
  • Project Management Associate

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Understand the characteristics and context of project management with benefits of implementing PRINCE2®.
  • Know about terminologies used within PRINCE2®
  • Get to know the primary roles and responsibilities involved in a PRINCE2® project.
  • Define motive of seven principles that describe the PRINCE2® project.
  • Learn the context and objective of seven PRINCE2® processes which help in structuring the activities that assist in delivering the project successfully.
  • Understand the purpose of PRINCE2® project management and list it’s content.
  • Work efficiently within a PRINCE2® working environment, either as a team member or a project manager.
  • Apply and adapt PRINCE2® in a situation.
  • Implement the methodologies to a real project.
  • Understand the ways to adapt PRINCE2® effectively to project within a working environment that supports PRINCE2®.
  • Learn to create and assess management products.

Target Audience

This project management course is for anyone who would like to enhance their skills in becoming a project manager. You have to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation course before taking the Practitioner course.


PRINCE2® 2017 is now available! This PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner is a combined training course based on the 2017 syllabus, which enables delegates to attain the full certification all at once. Both the Foundation and Practitioner exam is included with this PRINCE2® training course.

PRINCE2® is a product or process based approach used for management of almost all types of projects. This BCS accredited training course introduces delegates to various project management methodologies and provides a thorough understanding of roles, principles, processes and themes that form the structure of PRINCE2®. Understand every step of the project, ranging from conception to completion. It will enable you to achieve goals on time and within the set budget, also providing you with the skills required to become an active member of a successful project management team.

  • Holding PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification allows you to excel in your career and make use of upcoming opportunities. Best practice training course covers all the topics in detail to provide you with in-depth knowledge of project management and prepare you for preliminary PRINCE2® Foundation as well as the Advanced Practitioner course.
  • Learn thoroughly about the importance of this methodology and other related theoretical concepts in the Foundation level and then its practical applications in the Practitioner level. We ensure that our delegates receive high-quality training and pass the exam successfully.
  • By considering the factors involved in any project like costs, timescales, quality, scope, risk and benefits allows the project manager to address planning, monitoring and deploying projects by making use of PRINCE2® framework and themes.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Training Course Structure

  • The duration of the training course is five days.
  • The training course is split into two sections:
  • During the first three days, delegates will prepare for and complete the PRINCE2® Foundation exam.
  • During the final two days, delegates will prepare for and complete the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.

PRINCE2® 2017 Update Examination Structure

PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

  • Concentrates on knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2®
  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • 1 hour to complete
  • 55% pass rate or achieve 33/60
  • Normally taken at 3pm on the third day of the training course

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

  • Concentrates on the practical application of PRINCE2®
  • Objective test format (multiple choice question format)
  • 68 questions
  • 2.5 hours to complete
  • 55% pass rate or achieve 38/68
  • Normally taken at 12pm on the final day of the training course

PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation and Practitioner Pre-Course Reading

Before the beginning of the training course, we will send you a textbook containing reading and activities to complete. This serves as an introduction to the main elements of PRINCE2®. There will also be some practice questions to test your basic knowledge prior to the training course, which will also give you an insight into what sorts of things you will learn.

Course Content

The PRINCE2® 2017 certification covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to PRINCE2® methodology
  • Introduction to Projects
  • Principles of PRINCE2®
  • Starting a Project Process
  • Initiating a Project Process
  • Directing a Project Process
  • Business Case theme
  • Organisation theme
  • Quality theme
  • Risk theme
  • Plans theme
  • Change theme
  • Progress theme
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Stage Boundary Management
  • Controlling a Stage
  • Project closure
  • Tailoring and Adopting PRINCE2®
  • Considerations for Adoption
  • Introduction to the Practitioner Exam
  • Examination Guidance.


For more information or to book onto our PRINCE2® training course please contact us on 01392 824 022 or email

If there is a PRINCE2® course that is not listed on our site, that you are interested in attending then please let us know and we can arrange one to one training onsite with our Trainer.

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