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DrayTek’s product lines range from enterprise-level Firewall Security, VPN facilities for Teleworking and branch-linking, versatile xDSL CPE such as USB ADSL modems, ADSL routers, routers with Wireless LAN (WLAN) featuring the latest technologies, VoIP-built-in ADSL routers, routers with ISDN backup, ISDN routers and ISDN Terminal adaptors. DrayTek’s innovative VPN solutions have enabled teleworkers and branch offices to create virtual links, providing cost savings, flexibility and great effectiveness.

As a registered partner with Draytek, this allows us to advise, supply, install and support all business grade products from Draytek. Alongside this we receive specific product training to ensure our teams have the knowledge to provide you with the right information and support for your Draytek products and  solutions. We have certainly been impressed with the quality of the broadband products that Draytek offer – which is why our IT support services include provision of many of these products.

We feel that Draytek solutions have always been secure but affordable for businesses. Draytek Solutions come with reliable software and are designed to provide a range of internet fail over/redundancy options.

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As a partner we can supply, install and support all of Draytek’s products and if your unsure on what products suit you then we can consult on the best options for you. For more information or for assistance please contact our team on 01392 824 022 or email us at info@amesolutions.co.uk.

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