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Established in 2006, VoIP Unlimited provides a complete package of complimentary IP services for UK businesses who want to realise the benefits of using new breed technology to improve the effectiveness of their company communications.

VoIP Unlimited provides services to small and medium businesses in partnership with ICT solution providers, system integrators, traditional telephony dealers, and others who supply VoIP services as part of their offering to customers. VoIP Unlimited services include SIP trunks, broadband circuits, wideband Ethernet, and MPLS networks. We also provide CPS, WLR, and T38 compatible FoIP (Fax over IP).

Alongside VoIP Unlimited we support customers who choose to deploy premise based equipment as opposed to a hosted VoIP model, providing UK and International numbering services and reliable IP connectivity to deliver a positive VoIP experience to the end user.

Deploying a VoIP project may involve a number of factors to get right, from the installation of PSTN copper lines, getting the right BROADBAND or ETHERNET CIRCUIT installed to getting the numbers ported in time for the office move. We work very closely with VoIP Unlimited to ensure that these solutions are delivered on-time and efficiently.

As a partner of VoIP Unlimited this provides us with the ability to offer quality SIP, Broadband, wideband Ethernet and network services to our customers. As well as this we have access to everything we need to support all business on VoIP networks.

The Next Step…

In partnership with VoIP Unlimited we can supply and support internet telephony services, SIP trunks and we can manage the full process of changing to a VoIP service. For more information please contact our team on 01392 824 022 or info@amesolutions.co.uk.

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