Hosted Backup


Whatever business you are in, your data is important and you want to keep it safe and secure. If something happens to your data then your business needs to be able to retrieve it one way or another, easily and quickly.

Our Hosted backup solution give businesses the peace of mind that there business data is protected and secure and with the data easily accessible your business can be back up and running in no time in the event of a disaster.

Our completely automated Hosted backup creates copies of your entire server, including data, applications and full images of your servers ensuring that they are quickly recoverable in the event of any problems. It provides a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for businesses of any size. No matter how much data you have we can provide a flexible backup system.

We regularly test the backup system to ensure that it’s working as specified.

If your server fails, or a staff member deletes data, we will have several stored copies which can be recovered very easily

Who is our Hosted Backup for?

Our hosted backup solution is ideal for customers that want to migrate their data to a secure, off-site data centre.

Why opt for hosted backup?

Disaster recovery

When your data is lost, feel secure in the knowledge that by using our data centre for your disaster recovery plan, you will be able to roll back the clock and retrieve your latest data backup. With the data easily accessible for our team this enables us to restore your data much quicker in the event of a disaster.

Automatic backup

The backups are performed automatically through a schedule. Therefore human intervention is unnecessary.

Secure backups

Not only is our datacentre physically secure, with restricted access, but any backup data is transferred over secure SSL connections and all data is stored in the UK.

Scalable backups

With a lot of online backup services you have to pay for amount of the data you are backing up and as it increased your costs will increase. With our hosted backup solution your costs do not increase and you will be able to budget with one simple monthly fee.


Uninterruptible power supplies ensure that equipment is protected against surges, swells and spikes.

Business continuity

When you have issues beyond your control, your investment in a strong business continuity plan allows your business to carry on working despite data loss. With constant data replication on separate machines and access to alternative premises, you and your staff can access your data immediately without noticing the difference or causing major downtime.

Low cost of ownership

Cloud backup needs to be configured once; thereafter all backups are executed automatically, saving you time and money.

What happens in the event of a disaster?

Firstly your data is safely held in our data centre. In the event of a disaster we have complete images of your servers, this then enables our team to power up these complete images and restore them onto a virtual server at our office, and this can be done within a matter of hours. We can then offer your team access to our training centre which will give you the facility to use our training machines as a temporary measure to get your team up and running and to continue to offer your services to your customers. We can also set up a remote facility so your team can access the data remotely.

With a VoIP Phone system from AME namely 3CX we would not only be able to back up your servers but your phone system as well, giving us the ability to restore your phone system quickly and effectively meaning you can stay in touch with your customers in the event of a disaster.

How can we help?

We understand that choosing the right backup solution is vital to any business. Our team will work with your business throughout your entire backup project from providing advice, to supplying equipment, installing the backup, backup testing and finally support your backup system throughout its lifespan.


For more information regarding our Hosted Backup services or any of our backup services please contact us on 01392 824022 or email us at

Take a look at our Disaster Recovery Solutions to run alongside you online data backup to ensure you have a business continuity plan should a disaster occur.

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