2 days


Exeter, Bristol, Devon, Gloucester or onsite at your premise.


This is an introductory course for designers and budding developers new to the Illustrator environment, or those that have not had formal training. Students will produce an exciting graphic project using both the classic features and the new and improved tools in Illustrator and will leave this class with the ability to create and incorporate vector graphics for different projects.


Basic PC skills are necessary to complete this course.


(PLEASE NOTE, subject areas will depend on delegates availability and time available.)

Creating basic Documents

  • Explore the prebuilt Document Profiles.
  • Shortcuts to navigate the Artboard effectively.
  • Create custom Workspaces.

Drawing in Illustrator

  • Draw Paths with the Pen tool.
  • Add, delete or adjust points along a path.
  • Understand how Bézier Curves work.
  • Freeform Drawing tools.
  • Live Trace to transform images or hand drawn sketches into vector artworks that can be further adjusted.
  • Create Logo using simple Shapes.
  • Discovering basic Blends.
  • Symbols in Illustrator & Symbol Sprayer options.

Modifying Objects

  • Lasso select and the other goodies in the Select Menu.
  • Be precise using Smart Guides, Grids & Guidelines.
  • Align, Group & Duplicate to achieve better results.
  • Transform objects with Twirl, Bloat & other Warp tools.
  • Layers palette: Hide & Lock Objects.
  • Intro to Isolation Mode for effective editing.

Working with Colours in Illustrator

  • Difference between Swatches and Colour palette.
  • Applying colour to Stroke and/or Fill.
  • Adjusting Stroke attributes with Stroke panel.
  • Introducing Gradients & Patterns.

Text in Illustrator

  • Point, Area and Type on a path.
  • Import Body Type & fix Spelling Errors.
  • Find and Replace Text or Insert Typographic Characters.
  • Create Text Outlines to design your own fancy headlines.

Outputting your Artwork

  • Defining cropping area.
  • Saving your artwork in vector formats.
  • Save for Web & Devices.


Courseware and manual, certificate of achievement, refreshments and lunch are all included in this course.

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