3 days


Exeter, Bristol, Devon, Gloucester or onsite at your premise.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to get started with designing, creating and publishing a Power BI Business Intelligence solution.

The course covers the loading and transforming of source data, the building of a tabular data model that provides a collection of related tables of data offering common hierarchies and measures used in the day to day analytics of business data and performance, the creation of reports, the publishing of datasets and reports, the creation of Dashboards presenting key visualisations, and the sharing of Dashboards and Reports to those that need them.


There are no specific technical prerequisites for this course, but a familiarity with Excel and/or Relational Database Technologies may be beneficial. The main prerequisite is to have a basic understanding of your business’s need to collect, cleanse, analyse and deliver insights and visualisations of your business data.


  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Discovering & Loading Data with Power BI Desktop
  • Transforming Datasets
  • Data Cleansing
  • Using First Rows as Headers
  • Data Mashup
  • Unpivoting & Pivoting Data
  • Transposing Rows and Columns
  • Creating a Data Model
  • Extending the Data Model with Calculated Columns
  • Types of Calculations
  • Using DAX Functions
  • Adding Measures to the Data Model
  • Analysing Data Over Time
  • Text-Based Visualisations
  • Charts in Power BI Desktop
  • Other Types of Visuals
  • Using Geographical Data Types
  • Tree Maps
  • Filtering Data
  • Visual-Level Filters
  • Using Slicers
  • Using Charts as Slicers
  • Enhancing Dashboards
  • PowerBI.com
  • Refreshing Data


Courseware and manual, certificate of achievement, refreshments and lunch are all included in this course.

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