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Exeter – Devon, Bristol, Gloucester or onsite at your premise.


A one-day interactive training course that covers all aspects of customer service skills. It is ideal for all types and sizes of business, plus internal customer service and support desk staff.

Key learning points include:

  • Establish the standards, systems and skills that can make every customer feel valued – face to face, on-line, by email or on the telephone.
  • Use a range of best-practice customer service techniques, tools and skills to differentiate your service and delight every customer first time, every time.
  • How best to change and vary your service approach based on customer need, type and personality.
  • Identify different customer needs and situations quickly and effectively; fixing the customer and problem equally.
  • Understand how to manage customer expectations and deliver more than you promise, consistently and deliberately.
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day and develop your service skills to a new level of professionalism.
  • Satisfy complainers, calm upset customers and regain goodwill.
  • Be able to define and measure customer service using benchmarking, net promoter scores, KPI’s and customer feedback.


All customer service, technical and support staff, plus managers and team leaders who support or work with either internal or external customers. The course is suitable for all sectors, both large and small organisations; private and public sector.


(PLEASE NOTE, subject areas covered will depend on delegates ability and time available.)

Rock and Role-Models

  • Personal objectives and introduction
  • Real-life good and bad service examples
  • Benefits of Brilliant Customer Service.

The Special Approach

  • Customer service psychology and how to make every customer feel SPECIAL
  • Qualities of customer service ‘superstars’
  • SPECIAL skills assessment model
  • Building a customer-focused culture.

Applying the SPECIAL model

  • Examples of applying exceptional customer service face-to-face, on the telephone and by email or on-line using the SPECIAL model.
  • Dealing with difficult situations and customer dissatisfaction, resolving and managing with confidence.
  • Brainstorming sessions – ideas for improving and delivering brilliant customer experiences
  • How to generate more customer feedback.

The Timeline

  • How to best to vary your approach to different types of customers
  • Why some customers are more important and ‘difficult’ than others
  • Developing a Brilliant Customer Service ‘personality’.

Problems into opportunities

  • How to use preparation and previous experience to anticipate, avoid and resolve service problems
  • Using the GREAT FUN model to fix recurring problems and dissatisfaction
  • Real-life examples of how best to react, resolve and regain trust when problems occur.

Putting it all together

  • Action plan and learning Diary Customer service key performance indicators with worked examples.
  • Defining your added value through service brilliance and the ‘ultimate question’
  • Pre course questionnaire for personalisation of learning content and course examples
  • Action plan for better follow-up.


Courseware and manual, certificate of achievement, refreshments and lunch are all included in this course.

To book

For more information or to book onto our Brilliant Customer Service training course please contact us on 01392 824 022 or email

If there is another course that is not listed on our site, that you are interested in attending then please let us know and we can arrange one to one training onsite with our Trainer.

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