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This a very practical course that combines excellent customer service and advanced sales skills into one very informative personal improvement training workshop.

Creating or generating new business and increased sales is becoming an increasingly important issue for many organisation’s customer service process. However, it takes skill, careful preparation, and the creation of effective ‘models’ and methods, even perhaps using formal approaches and scripts.

Key learning points include:

  • Establish the customer service and sales standards, personal selling skills and sales ‘systems’ that can make sales whilst maintaining a positive service experience. This is includes face to face, on-line, by email or on the telephone.
  • Use a range of best practice customer-friendly sales techniques, tools and skills to differentiate your service and help customer feel they are buying, and not just being sold too.
  • How to differentiate your sales approach based on customer need, spend and personality.
  • Understand customer expectations and making sure you do not ‘over-sell’. That is promising more than your company or product can deliver. This is give you more confidence to make sales whilst carefully managing expectations, honestly and clearly.
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day and develop your service and sales skills to a new level of professionalism.
  • Making every call and customer count with a great service attitude and sales ability.
  • Techniques to create an industry-leading buying experience for increased sales and customer loyalty.
  • Best practice call / meeting handling using the 4Cs Model: Connect and Consult, Convince and Commit.
  • If appropriate, helping your customers to buy, and buy more using options, suggestions and follow-up.
  • Practice and planning sessions, including best practice sales skills. Plus plenty of very proven and practical sales top-tips and ideas.


It is suitable for showroom staff, sales representatives, retail staff, telephone sales and account managers. It is also ideal for customer-service focused staff.


(PLEASE NOTE, subject areas covered will depend on delegates ability and time available.)

Course objectives and key principles

  • Personal objectives and introduction.
  • Push vs Pull and how to stop selling and help people buy.
  • Principles and benefits of Service with a Sale approach.

The SPECIAL approach applied to sales

  • The SPECIAL model in a sales situation.
  • How to make every customer feel special.
  • Qualities of sales ‘superstars’.

Managing expectations in selling

  • How to best to manage your customer’s expectation with examples.
  • Turning ‘can’t do’s’ into ‘can do’s’; up-selling and not over-promising.
  • SPECIAL selling skills assessment model.

Calmer Chameleon

  • How to best to vary your sales approach to different types of customers.
  • Why some customers are more important and ‘difficult’ than others.
  • Developing a Service with a Sale ‘personality’ so you make sales naturally and without undue effort.

Connect and Consult

  • Connecting skills gaining rapport and credibility in the first few minutes.
  • Creating a compelling opening best practice, body language, voice and introduction tips and tricks.
  • Using high-impact questions with active listening and summarising.
  • Practical session – Consulting and connecting.

Convince and Commitment

  • Using ‘hot button’ statements to gain customer engagement.
  • Managing expectations expertly and using an option matrix to close sales and increase sale value.
  • Presenting price, overcoming ‘concerns’ and gaining agreement to proceed.
  • Building value – positioning your offer effectively with the right features, benefits, third party stories and examples.
  • Practical session and planning exercise.

Pulling it all together

  • Action plan and learning Diary.


  • Pre course questionnaire for personalisation of learning and examples
  • Action plan for better follow-up


Courseware and manual, certificate of achievement, refreshments and lunch are all included in this course.

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