AutoCAD Intermediate

This two‐day AutoCAD course is designed for intermediate to advanced AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT users who may have been using the product for a while but would like to get to grips with some of the more advanced features.


2 Days

Target Audience

Users with a good basic use of AutoCAD.


To learn more of the advanced features.


A good user’s working knowledge of AutoCAD.


Exeter – Devon, Central London, Bristol, Gloucester or onsite at your premises.

Subject areas (Please note, subject areas covered will depend on delegates ability and time available)

Drawing Objects

  • Creating and Editing Multilines
  • Creating Revision Clouds
  • Wipeout Objects
  • Boundaries
  • Regions

Manipulating Objects & Data

  • Selecting Objects with Quick Select
  • Purging Objects
  • Working with Point Objects
  • Dividing and Measuring Objects
  • Using QuickCalc for Performing Calculations

Template Drawing Creation

  • Creating Drawing Templates

Dimensioning and Annotation

  • Introduction to Annotation Scaling
  • Controlling Annotation Scale
  • Using Multileaders
  • Dimensioning
  • Creating Centre Marks
  • Creating Ordinate Dimensions
  • Creating Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances
  • Working with Dimension Substyles & Overrides

Reusable Content

  • Using DesignCentre
  • Creating Custom Tool Palettes
  • Organising Tool Palettes
  • Sharing Tool Palettes
  • Using External References
  • Managing External References
  • Referencing Non-Native Files Types

Blocks & Attributes

  • Working with Blocks
  • Creating Attributes
  • Editing Attributes

Dynamic Blocks

  • Using Dynamic Blocks
  • Adding Parameters to Dynamic Blocks
  • Adding Actions to Dynamic Blocks
  • Using Parameter Sets
  • Creating Dynamic Blocks

Layer Management & Best Practices

  • Layer Filters
  • Layer States Manager
  • Layer Standards

Layouts & Views

  • Creating Layouts
  • Modifying Layouts & Using Page Setups
  • Creating Layout Viewports
  • Working with Layout Viewports
  • Controlling Object Visibility in Layout Viewports


  • Working with Plotter Configuration Files
  • Creating and Applying Plot Style Tables
  • Publishing Drawings

Introduction to Sheet Sets

  • Creating Sheet Sets
  • Working with Sheet Sets
  • Setting Sheet Set Properties
  • Using Fields in Sheet Sets
  • Using Attributes in Sheet Sets
  • Publishing, Transmitting, and
  • Archiving Sheet Sets

Creating Tables

  • Working with Table Styles
  • Creating and Editing Tables
  • Creating Advanced Tables
  • Extracting Attributes to Tables
  • Exporting and Importing Tables
  • Creating Tables Linked to External Data


“Was a very worth while course which is really developed my understanding of AutoCAD and its features.”

West Country Land Surveys 

“The course was clear, concise and easy to follow. It has helped me expand my overall knowledge of AutoCAD and will help me in my job role going forward”

QA Corporate

“Very informative and a very useful course which suited our needs.”


To Book

For more information or to book onto our AutoCAD Intermediate training course please contact us on 01392 824 022.

If there is a AutoCAD course that is not listed on our site, that you are interested in attending then please let us know and we can arrange one to one training onsite with our Trainer.

You can see a full list of our training courses here.

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