Cyber Security Training Courses

Cyber threats, such as ransomware, are growing in both number and complexity. Over half of UK businesses have suffered a ransomware attack, and the repercussions are increasingly severe.

Cyber security attacks are now a real threat to businesses and individuals word wide, information and cyber security have never been more important.

Why is cyber security so important?

Despite the number of high profile attacks, many businesses are not protected against the wide range of techniques that cyber criminals have to steal to data, often thinking that it will not affect them. By not addressing these cyber threats, businesses leave themselves vulnerable.

Good cyber security training has an important role to play in countering the cyber threats that the UK faces on a daily basis. Our Cyber Security training courses provide your team will the tools and best practices that protect sensitive information, maintain business-critical systems and keep you in compliance.


Why Choose us for your Cyber Security Training?

Our trainers are experienced IT security professionals and they deliver training that is highly relevant and right up to date.

Our courses help to provide you with a good foundation on ensuring cyber compliance.

Our courses place the emphasis on practice, packed with hands-on exercises dealing with realistic applications and networks

If you do not see the course you’re interested in we will always do our best to meet your needs.

Courses can be delivered across multiple locations throughout the UK including Exeter, Bristol, Gloucester and London.

Courses can be delivered at your own offices.

All our courses come with courseware that you can refer to when back in the office.

Great customer satisfaction rates.


We take Cyber Security very seriously and we always encourage businesses to make sure they have a security policy in place. In addition to this, there are a range of security solutions that help to reduce the risk of a business being affected by Cyber attacks.

If you feel this is an area that your business could improve on, please contact our security specialists today. We can discuss how your business deals with these threats currently, identify any weaknesses and then discuss how you can improve on this to ensure that your business is protected against these threats keeping your risk to a minimum.


For more information on our Cyber Security training courses and how they can help you protect your business against Cyber threats or to discuss your training requirements please contact us on 01392 824 022 or email

If there is a Cyber Security training course that is not listed on our site, that you are interested in attending then please let us know and we can arrange one to one training onsite with our Trainer.

You can see a full list of our training courses here.


Our team can guide you through the process and the necessary steps and support your journey in order to achieve the Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation.

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a government initiative, to how businesses have a basic level of security to protect against Cyber threats.

With our accreditation’s with many industry-leading security vendors and through our experience, we can help you meet and exceed the requirements by making recommendations and detailing any associated actions you may need to take in order to achieve the accreditation.

We will perform an audit and get and overview of your business and security needs. Based on what we find, we will provide our recommendations to help you prepare for the certification.

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