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Social Media is a form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media including writing content that is remarkable, unique, and newsworthy. It utilises social networking and user-generated content platforms to promote a product, service or content.

Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking.


Social Media can help to;

  • Reach customers and prospescts online.
  • Raise your profile and enhance brand reputation.
  • Strengthen your customer relationships.
  • Demonstrate your expertise, your commitment and your passion.
  • Improve your understanding of industry issues and trends.
  • Meet people who can help you develop your business.
  • Enhance your customer services.
  • Boost traffic to your website.
  • Test new ideas and find out what people think about your business.
  • See what your competitors are up to.
  • Improve your sales.

Our Social Media Training Courses

Our Internet and Social Media Training Courses are designed to give businesses the tools and ideas in which to set up and implement an Internet and Social Media Strategy. Our Social Media Courses won’t just tell you how to set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc., it will show you how and why to use social networks to engage with your customers, build your brand and increase sales. Our training courses provide hands-on, practical tuition on why and where to use blogs and social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to make the biggest impact for you.

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Internet and Social Media Introduction

Advanced Internet and Social Media

Why Use Social Media for Business?

Businesses use social media because it can improve the frequency, quality, and reach of their. marketing. It is a quick and easy way to promote your business’s sales, promotions, events, and other marketing activities.

Social media has permeated our culture, and it is used by people to make decisions, obtain information, and get their needs met. It is no longer about why you should use social media for your business, but how.

Social media should form part of a content and inbound marketing strategy. Often when people visit a new website they rarely take action on first visit, normally at least second or several visits. Many people research online before they buy – it’s reported up to 10 websites they check. Thus you need to have informative content that draws people into your business and becomes part of their decision making process. This kind of content is ideal to push out via social media and people will follow you for this, helping them to build trust with your business before deciding whether to buy. Your followers are also more likely to share this kind of content to their followers, thus increasing your reach beyond your own followers.

Digital advertising via social media is also growing as you can effectively target your customer base by location, age, interests etc. Often much more cost effectively compared to say traditional marketing, where you have the cost of producing leaflets, flyers, newspaper and magazine ads etc. and then having them distributed.

Why choose us?

We help businesses of all sizes to get the most out of social media tools and the Google marketing apps (whether profit/non-profit based). Whether you are just getting started, or are looking to recap the basics & take your current online presence to the next level.

Our trainers have a wealth of experience in digital marketing and the use of social media tools to assist in marketing activities. You will also get a hands-on experience as we ask all delegates to set up their social media accounts prior to the training course so they can be used throughout the day.


We have training facilities in Exeter, Bristol, Gloucester, London and further afield around the UK.


If you would like to learn about how using Social Media can benefit your business and strengthen your marketing activities or to discuss your training requirements, please contact us on 01392 824 022 or email

If there is a Social Media or Digital Marketing course that is not listed on our site, that you are interested in attending then please let us know and we can arrange one to one training onsite with our Trainer.

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