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Businesses are increasingly recognising their need for programme management. Managing Successful Programmes or MSP for short has grown across the world as it has been established as the standard for programme management. Managing Successful Programmes comprises a set of principles, governance themes and a transformational flow to provide the route map for the programme lifecycle.

MSP offers best-practice guidance and has been designed for all businesses regardless of their size, public or private sector – to help them achieve successful outcomes from transformational change. MSP has been developed to help businesses achieve excellence by improving practices, offering better services and preparing more effectively for the future.

There is a close link between Programme Management and project management because the programme is made up of projects and is only successful if the projects within it succeed. The concept of a programme is that it should deliver more than the ‘sum of its parts’.

The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:

Principles: These are derived from positive and negative lessons learned from programme experiences. They are the common factors that underpin the success of any transformational change.

Governance Themes: These define an businesses approach to programme management. They allow a business to put in place the right leadership, delivery team, structures and controls, giving the best chance for success.

Transformational Flow: This provides a route through the lifecycle of a programme from its conception through to the delivery of the new capability, outcomes and benefits.

Our Managing Successful Programmes Training Courses

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Managing Successful Programmes Foundation

Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner

Benefits of MSP

  • Creates a vision and blueprint for transformational change
  • Designs the programme to deliver the blueprint
  • Identifies the right outcomes and benefits and plans for their delivery
  • Delivers on time, to budget and desired quality
  • Breaks down initiatives into clearly defined projects and offers a framework for handling them
  • Defines responsibilities and lines of communication
  • Involves stakeholders Manages risk and ensures the programme responds to change Audits and maintains quality.


We specialises in Project Management, Business and IT training. We offer the a comprehensive schedule of open courses and can also deliver course onsite. Our trainers have extensive knowledge in project management with practical real world experience.  We are committed to deliver high quality courses, with an efficient booking experience.

With our Managing Successful Programmes training you will also get a hands-on experience and work through real-life scenarios so that you can get the most from our training courses and you can transfer this skills easily when back in the office.

Whether your new to Project Management, or you are just looking to brush up on your skills we have a Project Management course that will suit you.


We have training facilities in Exeter, Bristol, Gloucester, London and further afield around the UK.

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