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This 2-day project management course takes a generic approach to managing projects. It is based upon the pragmatic approach described in Mike Watson’s book ‘Projects Kept Simple’, and puts the theory of project management into a practical framework.

The course is very practical, in order to develop effective project management habits and instincts.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to improve their success rate in managing projects in a wide variety of environments and application areas.

Every delegate will receive a copy of the book ‘Projects Kept Simple’.


People who are taking responsibility for the successful outcome of a piece of work, whether or not it is formally labelled as a project.

This course is also useful for people who have attained the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certificate, but who need a practical grounding in the principles and processes of project management.


Let’s be honest; there are many so-called projects in this world that are running with no clear agreed charter, no flexible plans, no risk management strategy and no accurate progress reports. These ‘projects’ may be successful, but only because of the huge personal efforts of the people involved. At the end of such projects the team say ‘there must be a better way of doing this’…

Well, to be fair, the project management world has a gap in its tool-set. We are well supplied (possibly over-supplied) with methodologies, training and tools designed for the medium to large-scale project, but many project managers are running small to medium sized fast-moving projects and do not want to use the apparently bureaucratic approaches of PRINCE2 and PMBoK

Mike Watson started the ‘simple project management’ movement in 1998 with his best-selling book ‘Managing Smaller Projects’, and now, to support the launch of his latest book ‘Projects Kept Simple’ Obsideo is pleased to offer this 2-day course aimed at stripping away the mystique and obfuscation of big-time project management, and introducing a simple but secure way of managing a wide range of projects.


This course forms the entry into a wide range of project management development events, with a curriculum of core skills and specialist events available as follow-up to this course.

Some delegates may wish to progress to professional project management qualifications, and Obsideo offers a full range of courses in this direction.



  • Topic Comments
  • Introduction, admin
  • Introduction to project life cycles and techniques Getting the basics right, in a practical manner
  • Introduction to project life cycles and techniques
  • Starting a project Delegates are introduced to measurable objectives, scope and constraints
  • Case Study 1; Project Definition Delegates, working in small teams, define and agree the main success criteria for a case study project
  • Case Study 1; review The delegates definition documents are reviewed
  • Milestone Planning Definition, examples, hints and tips
  • Overview of Detailed Planning An overview of the principal techniques used in planning a project
  • Case Study 2; Task planning and precedence network Delegates produce a precedence network of tasks for their case study project
  • Planning: Estimating and Resources Practical approaches to estimating are considered, and the problems of assigning resources to tasks are identified


  • Topic Comments
  • Recap day one
  • Case Study 3: Estimating and Resources Delegates carry on building their case study plan
  • Planning: Scheduling The technique of Critical Path Analysis is explained, and the concepts of scheduling are identified
  • Case Study 5: Scheduling Delegates produce a Gantt Chart schedule for their project
  • Risk Management Improving the likelihood of a successful outcome
  • Case Study 5; Risk Management Delegates make their plans more robust
  • Stakeholder Management Identifying project stakeholders, and getting them on side
  • Case Study: Stakeholder Management Delegates produce stakeholder plans
  • Running part 1 Using the plans to keep the project on track
  • Running part 2 inc. case study execution. The case study project undergoes a simulated run, and the delegates manage it.
  • Project Review Carrying out a constructive review of a project
  • Case Study: Lessons Learned Delegated produce a lessons learned report for the Lake
  • Final questions, and Close

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