Developing Infopath Forms In SharePoint


Exeter – Devon, Bristol, Gloucester or onsite at your premise.


This course is aimed at delegates who have a good basic understanding of SharePoint lists and libraries and would like to create bespoke user forms.


Basic understanding of SharePoint lists and libraries and the concept of columns (metadata). To use InfoPath in Form Design with SharePoint Lists you must have SharePoint Enterprise version.


To be confident in the use of InfoPath to develop SharePoint forms.


Basic Forms

  • The data connection to InfoPath
  • Adding and removing form fields
  • Using form tables
  • Refreshing fields
  • InfoPath form views
  • Updating SharePoint changes in InfoPath
  • Resetting the SharePoint form
  • Changing controls and control bindings
  • Tailoring the look and feel of the form
  • Adding Logos and company branding

Creating Views

  • The default user view
  • Creating a new page view
  • Adding buttons to switch views
  • The Submit button and rules


  • Creating logic rules
  • Hiding and showing sections
  • Adding Additional Data connections
  • Creating cascading drop down boxes


  • Creating an associated security list to control access to fields
  • Linking the list to InfoPath
  • Accessing the current users details
  • Checking the current user against the security list
  • Modifying filed access through security


For more information or to book onto our Developing Infopath Forms In SharePoint training course please contact us on 01392 824 022 or email

If there is a SharePoint training course that is not listed on our site, that you are interested in attending then please let us know and we can arrange one to one training onsite with our Trainer.

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