IT Audits

Business often require an audit of their IT infrastructure, to help analyse their existing network and how it can be improved in order for your business to grow and succeed.

We provide IT audits for businesses to help you get the most out of your IT and technology. Our auditing services enable businesses to understand their existing set up and look at current issues that maybe arising such as troubleshooting slow performing equipment or poor networks. The audit can then be used as a basis going forward on how to improve the performance of your systems.

Stages of our IT Audits

The first of our auditing process is for our IT consultant and engineer to meet with to understand what your business needs are and how your current IT network is set up. We will also discuss any current issues and look at how your business wants to utilise technology in the future.

The next step is for our qualified engineers to carry out a physical audit of your IT systems and network. We will review all the core components of your network as well as your PCs and laptops.

Finally we will present the results in a details report to outline the current position of your IT systems and then identify any shortfalls or risks and then advise on any improvements we would recommend.


As well as our IT auditing services, we also provide an asset tagging service.

Today, virtually every business will have valuable assets such as PCs, laptops, and office equipment/machinery. Each of these items ideally require tracking and monitoring.

Our asset tagging database and security labelling service can be used to track the location of any tagged items within your organisation such as laptops, computers, projectors and other IT items. This is an invaluable tool for protecting and managing assets within the workplace.

Our system will only allow authorised personnel to access the database to input an asset, view details of an asset and allow the removal of an asset from the system. In addition, a full specification of a computer’s hardware is stored in the system, along with a detailed list of all software installed at the time of adding the asset to the database. Reports can be produced for real time information on tagged items by date acquired, department, employee, as well as other custom information. Using Hologuard barcoded security tags we can prevent or show attempts at removal, tampering or fraudulent swapping.

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