Server Hosting

Business are increasingly reliant on IT systems and therefore it has never been more important to ensure that you critical hardware is housed in a secure, temperate controlled environment, which has access to reliable and resilient power.

Server hosting refers to offsite management and upkeep of your server hardware resources. This can provide businesses with the benefits of having a full It infrastructure without the costs associated with equipment maintenance, training and updates.

As a Zen partner, we work alongside them to offer server hosting for businesses. Our hosting portfolio includes:

Collocation Server Hosting

If you own and want to maintain your own network and server equipment, but haven’t got a secure, temperature-controlled environment in which to store it, then the collocation packages are the ideal solution. Your equipment is hosted in a secure, purpose-built data centre environment, and is covered by an extensive service level agreement.

With the collocation option you are provided with rental of power and space within a 24/7 monitored data centre. Offering both shared and dedicated racks to suit your specific requirements. Shared racks are ideal if you have a small amount of equipment; dedicated racks provide more capacity together with a lockable and private environment for your hardware.

Dedicated server hosting

This option will provide you with enterprise class server hardware, hosted in a purpose-built data centre and provide you with full remote access.

As a dedicated server customer you are assigned your very own server hardware platform with all its resources – processing power, memory and disk storage – committed to driving your hosted services and applications. Only your software and applications are hosted on the server, so you have the added reassurance that the performance of your hosted services will not be impacted by the activities of other users.

Manged Hosting

Managed hosting in partnership with Zen Internet acts as an extension to your IT team; you routine server and operating system maintenance tasks will be taken care of allowing you to focus on the things that directly add value to your business. The managed hosting servers are hosted in a purpose built data centre and cared for 24/7 by Zen a highly skilled team of hosting engineers. The on-site hosting engineers take care of all the tasks associated with running your hosting environment. With many years experience and a proven reputation for service quality you get the best out of your hosting environment and the applications you place in it.

Domain names & web hosting

With one of our domain names, you can establish your presence on the Internet and protect your brand. Once you have registered your domain name, you can then build your own website using one of Zen’s affordable web hosting packages.

With domain names provided in partnership with Zen Internet, you can establish your online presence, protect your trademarks and enhance your brand. Providing domain registration and transfer services for a wide range of domain extensions, all of which come with anti-virus protection, spam filtering for forwarded email and DNS management tools for no additional charge.

Whatever your budget, we in partnership with Zen Internet offer web hosting solutions to meet your business needs. Providing services built on both Windows and Linux operating systems and all are bundled with easy to use control panels, enabling you to design, build and administer your website(s) through your browser.

Zen Internet

Zen Internet, an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP), has been delivering services to business and residential users in the UK since 1995. Led by founder and managing director Richard Tang, Zen’s mission is to provide the best ISP service in the UK and is committed to investing in the latest technologies and providing high levels of service, support and reliability.

Data Centres

Data centres provide the foundations for all hosting services and their reliability has a profound impact on end-user service quality. Zen Internet own and operate data centres in Rochdale and Leeds together with managing data centre capacity in both Manchester and London.

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