Business Backup Solutions

We work with industry leading manufacturers of backup solutions and technologies in order to provide businesses with a wide range of backup solutions. We can assess your current data storage demands in order to future proof your backup requirements enabling us to deliver backup solutions that will meet the needs of your growing business.

NAS box

One of the most popular solutions is the use of a NAS box. Network Attached Storage (NAS) in simple terms is a box, full of hard drives that sits on your network to store your information or backups. Although not off site, for quick access to your data when individual files have been lost, it is a very good solution.

In addition if you have a secondary location on the same site that is separate to the main building, a second NAS box can be installed and configure to sync, thus giving you a full off site backup.

This is fully automated, so a member of staff would not be required to change drives each day.


Although consider old fashioned and the traditional method of backup, it is sometimes looked upon as an unreliable method of backup that has been superseded by online and hard drive. However, the latest technology in the tape drives from HP, makes them one of the most reliable methods of backup currently available (although still requires a member of staff to take the tapes off site each day).

Online data backup

Online data backup is a popular choice for small and medium businesses as there is no need to purchase hardware or software, just a monthly cost.

You select the data you want to backup and it is transferred in an encrypted format across the internet to a high security data centre. The backups are fully automated, meaning no human intervention is required and you can restore single files or full backups at the click of a mouse; total protection and availability make this a very attractive option.

If you have large amounts of data this can be a more expensive option, so its often good to look at all options to review the costs.

Hosted backup

Hosted backup is also another popular choice with our customers. Our Hosted backup is a completely automated solution that backs up entire copies of your server including data.

The reason our backup is so popular is that in the event of a disaster we can power up and the complete images we have of your server onto another virtual server at our office within a matter of hours.

In addition to this we can then provide you access to our training suite based in Exeter that can provide you and your staff a place to temporarily work from in the event that your building is destroyed in a disaster. This means that you can still stay in touch with your customers and continue to run your business.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a hard disk drive just like the one inside your computer, where you can store any kind of file. Many are often small and portable, making them easy to store in a fire proof safe or carry with you.

This is a low cost method, but it is reliant on a member of staff plugging in the External drives. In addition to this hard drives are less resilient than tapes so its worthwhile checking the backups regularly just in case of a hard drive failure.

How can we help?

There are multiple backup solutions available for businesses but how do you know which one is the best option? Our team have years of experience and knowledge in backup solutions and therefore we can help you determine the best backup options for you.

If you need to back up your entire operating system and not just essential data, you’ll need a solution that can quickly and effectively handle large backups. If your data is is sensitive and needs extra protection, you should consider a solution that encrypts and stores your data both in the cloud and on secure local servers. And if you need to frequently perform data backups, a solution that automatically updates your data will prevent you from having to take extra time each day to manually back it up.

We can work with your business throughout your entire backup project from providing advice, to supplying equipment, installing the backup, backup testing and finally support your backup system throughout its lifespan.

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