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Online Backup Explained

Cloud backup, also known as online backup or offsite data backup, is now the go to method by which businesses automatically safeguard their valuable data from loss.

This method allows all files, folders, emails, databases, virtual machines and the contents of an entire hard drive to be regularly and safely uploaded via an internet connection, to a remote and highly secure storage facility.

How Online Backup works

Using a high speed Internet connection, specific files or the entire contents of a hard drive are backed up to the online storage providers system using a web browser interface. The files are automatically saved to the Online Backup on a regular basis or files are automatically backed up when changes are made. The backup files are encrypted and stored in Data Centres.

On schedule, or on demand, your data is automatically compressed, encrypted and sent to a secure primary data centre. Your data is then mirrored to a secondary geographically diverse data centre for extra protection. To retrieve your data you simply launch the Online Backup application on your PC, laptop or server and select the files that you need.

Why Online Backup?


An online backup solution makes it easy to budget with small monthly fees.


Online backup offers high levels of encryption when it is being transferred and stored.


Backup quotas can be increased or decreased within seconds of a request.


Your data will be available to restore at any time day or night.

Easy restore

The recovery process can be initiated immediately via the backup software.


Online backup now offers the highest levels of functionality that can be tailored to any businesses.


Any number of versions of a file or folder can be stored.


Various legislation and regulations are in place to ensure you data is securely stored.

Energy Efficient

Virtualisation technology reduces the amount of hardware required therefore minimising power usage.

Our Online Datahive™ Cloud Backup – Offsite and onsite data backup for business

Datahive™ is a fully managed backup service which safeguards your company files & emails from loss, theft or corruption. Its simplicity, performance & encryption features deliver true peace of mind by protecting against human error as well as nullify criminal activity.

Why Datahive™ Cloud Backup?

Datahive™ online backup is a mature service which has provided reliable backups to businesses for over 15 years. All users of the service feel safe in the knowledge that their data is always available, close at hand and managed by an experienced cloud backup provider.

As data held by Datahive™ never leaves UK shores users can confidently comply with industry regulatory data requirements.

Security is at the heart of the Datahive™ backup service. All data is encrypted using military standards whether in flight, at rest and whilst being replicated across multiple ISO 27001 certified UK data centres.

To further enhance confidence in the Datahive™ service, it is backed by service level agreements which boast a money back guarantee should the service fail to meet the published levels of availability and support response.

Datahive™ Features and Benefits


Datahive™ enforces 256bit AES encryption to all data in flight and at rest. This encryption is always maintained until the unique account de-cryption key is applied.

UK Data Centres

All data is backed up to state of the art aware winning UK data centres. Their ISO 27001 accreditation means the maximum security for your business critical data.


All Datahive™ plans are infinitely scalable. Storage can be increased in seconds meaning your backups continue uninterrupted as your data requirement grows.

Initial Seed Load Service

to ensure a usable backup is available in the shortest possible time your data can be transferred from a seed loaded drive directly into the Datahive™ cloud storage.

Unlimited Backup and Restore

Included within all Datahive™ plans is the ability to perform unlimited backups and, crucially restores which means you never receive un-budgeted costs.

Disaster Recovery

If you have a complete data loss we are close to hand to deliver in double quick time a seeded drive with all of the replacement data to a location of your choice.

Datahive™ has got all backup needs covered!

Office 365 Online Mailboxes

Though Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud service, regular backups using Datahive™ provide an additional layer of protection from user errors and intentional malicious actions.

Synology NAS Devices

By implementing Datahive™ backup you ensure you have a restorable copy of your valuable data should you NAS be stolen, or it becomes corrupted or destroyed marking the data unrecoverable.

Files and Folders

As standard Datahive™ provides the facility to backup all common file and image types including: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, JPEG and WAV.

Microsoft Exchange

With many businesses still choosing on-premise Microsoft Exchange Datahive™ offers a variety if backup options including Full EDB, Brick Level and DAG backups.

Windows System and System State

To protect against system crash, boot up failure, or corrupted Active Directory Server, Datahive™ provides modules to backup and recover both Windows System and Windows System State.

Virtual Machines

With the popularity of virtualisation, Datahive™ offers the ability to backup both Hyper-V and VMware VM’s offsite as well as now running VM’s directly from a local backup.

Security and Data Protection


Security is at the heart of the Datahive™ backup service. All communications between our data centres and your computer are transported in a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel.

Furthermore all data is encrypted using military approved standards whether in flight, at rest or whilst being replicated between our ISO 27001 certified UK data centres.

Data Protection

At AME Solutions we are very aware of the importance of Data Protection. That is why the Data Protection Act 1998 guidelines and its key principles are central to all of our company communications and processes.

To maintain the highest levels of data protection all AME staff are continually trained and updated on the Data Protection Act and measured on their compliance when processing sensitive information.

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Take a look at our Disaster Recovery Solutions to run alongside you online data backup to ensure you have a business continuity plan should a disaster occur.

*Please view our terms and conditions for our online back up.

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