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Online Backup Explained

Online backup means to back up data from your hard drive to a remote server or computer using a network connection. Online data backup technology leverages the Internet and Cloud Computing to create an off-site storage and backup solution with little hardware requirements for any business of any size.

This type of off-site storage is typically part of a business disaster recovery plan, as the data remains safe should your office be at risk from disasters such as fires, flood or employee theft.

How Online Backup works

Using a high speed Internet connection, specific files or the entire contents of a hard drive are backed up to the online storage providers system using a web browser interface. The files are automatically saved to the Online Backup on a regular basis or files are automatically backed up when changes are made. The backup files are encrypted and stored in Data Centres.

On schedule, or on demand, your data is automatically compressed, encrypted and sent to a secure primary data centre. Your data is then mirrored to a secondary geographically diverse data centre for extra protection. To retrieve your data you simply launch the Online Backup application on your PC, laptop or server and select the files that you need.

Why Online Backup?


An online backup solution makes it easy to budget with small monthly fees.




Online backup offers high levels of encryption when it is being transferred and stored.


Backup quotas can be increased or decreased within seconds of a request.


Your data will be available to restore at any time day or night.



Easy restore

The recovery process can be initiated immediately via the backup software.


Online backup now offers the highest levels of functionality that can be tailored to any businesses.


Any number of versions of a file or folder can be stored.


Various legislation and regulations are in place to ensure you data is securely stored.

Energy Efficient

Virtualisation technology reduces the amount of hardware required therefore minimising power usage.

Our Online Backup Solutions

Our online data backup solutions provide you with the peace of mind that, in the event of data loss, your data is fully backed up and data recovery can be completed within minutes. Backups and restores are now up to 10x faster and require virtually zero local storage capacity.

Packages are available to backup desktops, laptops and servers. Each package provides a fully automated and secure, off-site data backup and recovery solution which offer ‘set and forget data backup’ and rapid restore capability.

Desktop and laptop online backup*

Designed for desktop computer and laptop users, our desktop and laptop online backup provides a simple and secure data backup service for valuable business data protection.

The service is suited to protecting business data in small office/home office environments and businesses with roaming, laptop based employees. It can enable companies with a remote workforce to take control of online backups and ensure critical data protection.

Server online backup*

Our server online backup provides powerful and robust backup for your business data. Specific plug-ins enable the backup and restore of applications including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL. A centralised server is likely to be the heart of your company’s network, therefore it is critical that your choice of online backup strategy reflects this.

Our server backup features include system state backup and flexible scheduling, together with detailed reporting to provide peace of mind for administrators managing unattended servers.

Features of our online backup service include:

  • Automatic, scheduled, offsite backup – You don’t need to worry about ongoing data backup, leaving you to concentrate on your business
  • Backup open files – In windows environments our Online Data Backup solutions are able to backup files that are in use, meaning that data backups can take place during working hours
  • Incremental backup – Only changed files are backed up, meaning backups are smaller, quicker and will consume less bandwidth
  • Data compression – Before sending a backup to the Online Data Backup server your data is compressed to increase the speed of the backup process
  • Stream Backups – Avoid the requirement to cache backup data locally and stream it directly to us, saving your local storage for primary data and speeding up the backup process
  • Single file restore – With just a few mouse clicks, specific lost files can be restored allowing you to get back to business quickly and easily
  • 30 Day Retention of changed data – Our Online Data Backup solutions retain previous backups for 30 days meaning you are able to restore either your most recent backup or previous backups of older versions
  • Security – Data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption and stored within multiple, geographically diverse, high security data centre’s ensuring that should the worst happen, we will have a copy of your most recent backup.

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For more information regarding our Online Backup services or any of our backup services please contact us on 01392 824022.

Take a look at our Disaster Recovery Solutions to run alongside you online data backup to ensure you have a business continuity plan should a disaster occur.

*Please view our terms and conditions for our online back up.

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