Data Security

As our business lives are mostly online the importance of data security must become a priority for a business. Studies show that 60 percent of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington).

Businesses rely more and more on IT Hardware to support their activities, as well as protect themselves from threats from hackers, viruses and even their own staff.

A study conducted by Quorum highlighted the lack of preparation that threatens to derail many organisations. Only a third of UK businesses (34 percent) are able to recover from disruption in a few minutes, despite the fact that 75 percent of organisations admit that the threat of business downtime is likely to increase in 2016. Serious data loss can not only put your whole business at risk but it may also lead to offences under the Data Protection Act.

So what do you need to think about?

Lost of stolen Data

Loss or theft of confidential or sensitive data could expose you to the risk of fraud or copyright breaches. Your sales, distribution and the reputation of your business could be directly affected. Projects in progress could be delayed as the work is redone.

Losing or stolen data in a customer database – such as customer names, contact details and information on their buying habits – is years of relationship building wasted.

As 80% of all business data is stored on computers, it is imperative that this data is backed up. We can offer a fixed monthly fee to protect your data via Online Backup. This service means you can access your data faster and better than traditional alternatives and know that all your important data is secured off-line.

Dangerous Viruses and Ransomware

A computer virus or Ransomware can damage your business causing documents to become unusable or corrupt. As more and more business is conducted via email, the threat if a virus is even more prominent.

To prevent this happening we recommend purchasing an Antivirus and Ransomware solution to provide protection across your whole network. We are partners of Sophos and work alongside them to provide comprehensive and up to date business antivirus and Ransomware protection.

Our Integrated Solutions provide always-on, always up-to-date protection across desktops, servers and the network.

Internet Monitoring Software

In addition to Antivirus software, we also provide an Internet Monitoring Software that limits users accessing inappropriate websites or those that pose a risk to virus or spy ware attacks. These Websites could be potential threats resulting in the loss of data. Our Internet monitoring software has been designed to quickly and easily provide web filtering at an affordable price.


Encryption is the first security barrier which protects against any potential threats, in conjunction with Sophos we provide Encryption solutions to ensure that your data is protected in the event that your IT hardware is misplaced, lost or stolen.

How can we help?

Data Recovery

In the event that you experience a loss of data, we have the experience and technical expertise to handle any data recovery situation, no matter how tragic or catastrophic the circumstances. Our services and do-it-yourself software products feature the industry’s most advanced recovery tools.

Disaster Recovery

To protect your valuable assets we also provide a disaster recovery consultation service that will enable your organisation to plan for potential downtime ranging from server crash to complete loss of all premises and IT Systems. Our disaster recovery services help to safeguard data and minimise the downtime in the event of a crisis.

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As well as providing data security for existing systems we also offer a variety of IT Business Solutions.

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