Cyber attack training tool

A solid security awareness program is an integral part of a businesses defence strategy against Ransomware and other Cyber Security attacks.

Sophos Phish threat educates and tests your end users through automated attack simulations, quality security awareness training and actionable reporting metrics.

End users are the largest, most vulnerable target for malware and Ransomware attacks in most businesses, as they are bombarded with phishing emails and its very easy to be tricked into clicking on a malicious email. in fact more than 90% of Ransomware attacks are delivered via these types of emails.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the word used when a cybercriminal sends you some sort of electronic message to trick you into doing something insecure.

The “fishing” metaphor refers to the idea of getting you on the hook and then reeling you in.

The crooks behind this sort of crime, who are known colloquially as phishers, usually use email, because it is surprisingly easy to mock up messages to look realistic.
But phishing attacks may also arrive via social media, SMS or other instant messaging platforms.

What does Sophos Phish Threat do?

Sophos Phish threat is an attack simulator that allows business’s to create their own email campaigns in only a few clicks, to send to employees to allows them to test their prowess against phishing emails. It helps businesses educate employees on spotting phishing links, dangerous attachments, and bogus scripts that meant to cripple your organisation before they have a chance to do harm.

Cyber attack training

Using advanced reporting, Phish Threat users can monitor which employees have opened the ‘phishing’ emails and educate them with Sophos’ materials. This will reduce the largest attack surface in a business – its end users.

Using the fully customisable campaigns and training modules, Sophos Phish Threat allows businesses to advance their internal security awareness, reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and translate results into easily formatted reports.

What does Sophos Phish Threat provide businesses?

  • Manage simulated phishing campaigns
  • On demand Phishing assessments
  • Personalised training for end users caught out by a simulated attack
  • Automated reporting on phishing and training results.

How can we Help?

We are a Sophos Solutions Partner which enables us to provide businesses with the best security solutions on the market. We work closely with Sophos to ensure that your business has the best product available tailoring both renewal and new business agreements to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Regular training is undertaken to keep our team up to date with Sophos’ solutions to the very latest security threats. We offer discounts for various market sectors, downloadable trial versions and we are happy to discuss your current and future needs.

The Next Step…

We understand how important online security is for businesses and know how time consuming and confusing it can be to try to find the right solution.

As a Sophos partner we can provide advice, supply and install Sophos Phish threat. If you would like more information on Sophos Phish threat please contact our security team on 01392 824 022 or email us at

Other tips to avoid Phish threats

Here are some tips to avoid getting sucked in:

  • Don’t enter passwords into login pages that show up after you click on a link in an email. Bookmark the official login pages of your favourite sites, or type the URLs into your browser from memory.
  • Avoid opening attachments in emails from recipients you don’t know, even if you work in HR or accounts and you use attachments a lot in your job.
  • Ask the experts, send the email to your IT department or IT support provider and ask them to check the email out to see whether it is genuine.
  • If in doubt, don’t give it out! Your personal data simply isn’t worth the vanishingly small chance of winning an iPad from a marketing company you’ve never heard of.

Ransomware protection

In addition to Sophos Phish threat, we can also supply Ransomware protection software called Sophos Intercept X, which is one of the best solutions on the market in preventing cyber attacks and is just as important (if not more so) than standard antivirus software. By combining Intercept X with your existing antivirus solution, Sophos Phish threat and with good security practices, this will minimise the risk of your business being affected by Ransomware and/or Cyber attacks.

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