Email Security

Today, email is the primary means of business and personal communication for millions of people.

Due to this Email Security for businesses is a priority, especially with the growing threats of hackers, viruses, spam, phishing and identity theft, as well as the need to secure business information.

Spam and email threats aren’t just annoying. They are dangerous, especially with employees opening and replying to emails all day, every day. Training your staff helps, but your business needs email protection that blocks spam and other malicious email without blocking legitimate messages from customers, clients and suppliers.

VIPRE Email Security

We work alongside VIPRE to provide businesses with Email protection that is reliable and crucial to protect your company against the loss of confidential information or inappropriate use of the email system.

VIPRE Email Security Cloud delivers unparalleled protection from email threats and accidental or malicious data leakage via email.

It features a multi-layered security platform using powerful machine learning technology. VIPRE Email Security delivers six levels of scanning to keep users safe from known and emerging email-based threats, including viruses, malware, spam, bulk mail, phishing, and spoofing.

VIPRE Email Security provides:

Visibility of email threats through VIPRE Console including spam, viruses, and quarantined messages.

Powerful anti-spam, antivirus and anti-phishing technology that crushes unwanted or malicious messages. 

Always on email continuity so you can access emails from anywhere even when the email server, is unavailable.

End-user spam reports and robust email logs.

Platform independence plus support for any email client or server.

VIPRE provides defence against phishing and Ransomware attack

VIPRE Email Security gives you the tools you need to better defend networks and users from data-breaching malware and sophisticated phishing scams.

Comprehensive Email Defense

All inbound messages are scanned for viruses, malware and other suspicious content. Outbound filtering can be enabled for an additional layer of protection. VIPRE SLA guarantees 100% virus protection and at least 99.9% spam prevention, with less than 0.01% false positives.

Easy Management

Easy to install, configure and manage from a single console, with robust default settings that can be customised for unique requirements, such as internal policies or regulatory compliance.

Attachment Defense

Users can easily manage message disposition depending on type, size, or number of attachments, including the option to delete virus infected attachments while keeping the related email message.

Message Quarantine

Quarantine digests can be sent daily or multiple times a day, and quarantine retention can be set for any number up to 90 days. Certain types of messages, such as those from blocked senders, can be excluded from digest emails.

Robust Reporting

Pre-configured reports are available to view within the administration console, and reports can be sent on a set schedule. Administrative-level reports show total/percentage caught by domain, top senders and recipients.


Email logs can be viewed per user or group. Logs can be filtered by inbound/ outbound, date/time received, status, sender, recipient, and subject.

User Permissions

Users can be given the ability to manage their own settings—including aliases, spam sensitivity, and quarantine digest schedule— as well as edit sender lists and create custom filters and disclaimers. Users can
also be designated as an Organisation Admin with some or all admin privileges

How can we help?

We are a VIPRE Partner which enables us to provide businesses with the best security solutions on the market. We work closely with VIPRE to ensure that your business has the best product available tailoring both renewal and new business agreements to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Regular training is undertaken to keep our team up to date with VIPRE solutions to the very latest security threats. We offer discounts for various market sectors, downloadable trial versions and we are happy to discuss your current and future needs.

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