Email Security: Advanced Threat Protection

Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve as attackers employ advanced techniques like zero-hour exploits and customised malware to stay a step ahead. Traditional signature-based solutions are necessary but may lack the modern analytics to prevent all zero-hour and targeted attacks. A more powerful protection is needed.

New and emerging threats require a layered email security approach that includes multiple levels of malware detection, and must cover common attack vectors such as malicious attachments and URLs simultaneously.

Often seen as easy targets, criminals prey on small and medium-sized businesses while leveraging advanced techniques to bypass traditional security. Typically, smaller organisations do not have the resources that larger enterprises have, so they need a solution that will provide them with a similar level of advanced protection in a cost effective, easy to manage package. VIPRE Email Security Advanced Threat Protection  is perfect for SMBs challenged with limited IT resources.

VIPRE Email Security Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offers enterprise-grade email protection in an easy to use, out of the box package. VIPRE ATP defends end users against the newest most sophisticated strains of malware, weaponised attachments and phishing techniques that evade traditional detection.

Powerful Protection with Layered Defence

At the core of VIPRE ATP is VIPRE Email Security Cloud, the platform that provides a solid foundation for email reception, handling, and bulk protection. This base platform includes core anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing technology, continuity protection against email server downtime, and highly customisable filtering and routing rules.

  • Core email reception and routing engine
  • Provides tough anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protection against bulk malware
  • Sophisticated custom routing/filtering rules engine, extensible to meet any business need
  • 90-day continuity protection to guard against email server outages
  • Extremely reliable having no outages in a decade

Email Attachment Sandboxing

Attachment Sandboxing goes a step further than traditional anti-malware by executing extracted attachments in a protected cloud sandbox environment. The behaviour of the executed content is observed and compared to past known malware strains using sophisticated machine learning to determine if the content could be malicious.

  • Powerful sandboxing technology
  • Protects against evasive and sandbox-aware malware
  • Dynamic, isolated cloud virtual machine environment that scales easily to handle the load from all clients
  • Detailed behavioural analysis output that explains exactly what the attachment tried to do upon execution

Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection provides another layer of defence against embedded malicious URLs by closing the time gap, often exploited by attackers, between receipt-time scanning (performed by the core platform) and when an end user clicks on the URL. All an attacker has to do is to wait to set up a malicious domain until sometime after an email is sent, and users could be fooled into visiting a phishing site. Phishing Protection closes that gap by rewriting the URLs embedded in emails and re-scanning them at click-time, ensuring that users stay protected.

  • Performs a deep scan of URLs and blocks links that can lead to malware infection
  • Re-writes URLs in emails for click-time protection
  • Schedule reports and statistics
  • Create customised messaging

How can we help?

We are a VIPRE Partner which enables us to provide businesses with the best security solutions on the market. We work closely with VIPRE to ensure that your business has the best product available tailoring both renewal and new business agreements to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Regular training is undertaken to keep our team up to date with VIPRE’s solutions to the very latest security threats. We offer discounts for various market sectors, downloadable trial versions and we are happy to discuss your current and future needs.


For more information regarding Advanced threat protection or email protection please contact us on 01392 824022 or email us at

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