What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of converting the information or data into a code, this is to prevent unauthorised access. A lot of people use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online.

Why is it important?

Encryption is important as it allows people and business to secure and protect data that you don’t want anyone else to have access to. For example you could securely protect folders that contain information such a emails, chat histories, tax information and credit card number.

Encryption also protects your financial details and passwords when you bank online for example. It also protects your cell phone conversation.

Encryption is the first security barrier which protects against any potential threats, the hackers find it harder to get any information from the business as the text isn’t a plain text its coded, this means the hackers will find it harder to copy the information.

Methods of Encryption

There are two main ways of encryption one method is the Public key (asymmetric) the other is private key (symmetric). They both work in a similar way in the sense that they both allow a user to encrypt data and hide it from others and then decrypt it in order to access the original plaintext.

They have now got strong encryption this is an encryption method that uses a very large number as its cryptographic key. The larger the key, the longer it is to break the code. Today, 256 bits is considered to be strong encryption.

ESET EndPoint Encryption

ESET EndPoint Encryption is a simple-to-use encryption solution for businesses large and small.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Pro does it all. Full disk and removable media encryption protect laptop computers against the unexpected. File, folder and email encryption allow fully secure collaboration across complex workgroups and team boundaries, with security policy enforced at all endpoints by the Enterprise Server.

How ESET EndPoint Sncryption can help your business

  • Meet data security obligations by easily enforcing encryption policies while keeping productivity high.
  • Companies large and small benefit with low help-desk overhead and short deployment cycles.
  • No other product can match ESET Endpoint Encryption for flexibility and ease of use.
  • The client side requires minimal user interaction, improving compliance and the security of your company data from a single MSI package.
  • The server side makes it easy to manage users and workstations and extend the protection of your company beyond the perimeter of your network.

Encryption as a GDPR Solution

Do you do business in the European Union? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, and introduces significant new penalties for organizations that fail to protect their users’ data adequately. One proven solution for data protection is encryption.

  • ESET Endpoint Encryption makes encryption of data on hard drives, portable devices and sent via email easy, helping you comply with the GDPR.
  • ESET offers online resources, webinars and a compliance checker that you can access for free.

Features of ESET Endpoint Encryption

  • Full disk encryption offering transparent pre-boot security using FIPS 140-2 validated, 256 bit AES Encryption. Full remote management, creation and removal of user accounts and user password recovery.
  • Removable media encryption so ESET Endpoint Encryption can protect USB sticks and other removable media with full disk or file level encryption. Full integration with key management system ensures fast, silent operation.
  • ESET Endpoint Encryption Go Portable Encryption is an on-device application which runs straight from the USB stick, needs no install and, with the right password allows the user to edit, read and write encrypted documents on any PC.
  • File and Folder Encrypt only files and folders you want. All files moved to encrypted folder are encrypted immediately.
  • Mail Encryption for transparent email encryption for Outlook through a dedicated plugin. The email can be decrypted only by recipients who share the same key as sender. Text and clipboard encryption works with any e-mail client, including webmail.
  • Text and Clipboard Encryption works with most text-based applications, encrypting and decrypting directly into the active window or via the Windows Clipboard.
  • Virtual Disks and Compressed Archives are ideal for backing up or securely transferring multiple files and folders via any method including CD, DVD and FTP.
  • Encryption Key Management to add or remove any or all encryption keys. Change the encryption policy remotely and silently, without user interaction.
  • Centralised Management for any user or workstation with a standard internet connection. Secure connectivity allows control of endpoint encryption keys, security policy and software features beyond the corporate security boundary.
  • Enterprise Server Proxy as an intermediary, all connections from client and server are outgoing. All information is encrypted with either RSA or AES and the connection itself is SSL encrypted.

How can we Help?

We understand how important security is for businesses and with the EU data protection regulations changing this year it imperative that businesses are compliant. We know how time consuming and confusing it can be to try and find the right solutions to ensure that you are complaint with the new regulations especially as there are so many vendors out there offering these solutions.

As a ESET Partner and with ESET certified Engineers we can advise, supply, install and manage your encryption software and services and you can be assured that your IT security is dealt with.

Our consultants have also undergone training, to ensure they have the knowledge to provide advice on Encryption solutions and also to ensure that your software is licensed correctly and renewals are dealt with in an efficient manner.

As a ESET Partner which enables us to provide businesses with the best security solutions on the market. We work closely with ESET to ensure that your business has the best product available tailoring both renewal and new business agreements to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Regular training is undertaken to keep our team up to date with ESET solutions to the very latest security threats. We offer discounts for various market sectors, downloadable trial versions and we are happy to discuss your current and future needs.

The Next Step…

For more information about Encryption Solutions and the importance of encrypting your crucial business data please contact our security specialists on 01392 824 022 or email us at info@amesolutions.co.uk.

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