URL Protection for Email

There are approximately 215 Billion emails sent every day, and nearly two out of three emails are spam. As cyber crime increases email is the first security gap targeted by attackers.

Fortunately there are security solutions available to help protect your business against these threats including ClickSMART from Fusemail providing URL protection for businesses.

ClickSMART from Fusemail

ClickSMART from Fusemail protects your network from malicious links in emails by scanning any URLs in real-time the moment, you click on it. If the path from the link is found to be malicious, ClickSMART can either block the website and a warning that proceeding could be harmful. This gives users the option to choose whether or not to continue.

Often seemingly innocent emails containing web links spam through spam and virus filters, however after it has been scanned and arrived in your inbox the web link contained in the email can become weaponised and is pointed to a Phishing site or to a website that can download malicious content to your computer.

A common email attack contains links to web pages that update after the email has arrived in your inbox. These web pages are programed to auto download viruses or Ransomware onto your network or ask for personal information such as bank cards or online banking details.

However by re-scanning URLs at the time they are clicked, ClickSMART protects you against links that become weaponised minutes, hours, days and even weeks after the email has arrived in your inbox.

ClickSMART adds another layer of security to your system by futher protecting your users and your network from threats like Phihsing, Spear Phishing and Ransomware.

ClickSMART is an add-on service fur Fusemail’s email security product SecureSMART.

Working in conjunction with SecureSMARTClickSMART examines clean email messages for web links and replaces these links with a custom link back to the ClickSMART service.  The email is then sent on to the recipient. When the recipient clicks a link, one of two procedures takes place.

If the original email message is still held in FuseMail’s system, ClickSMART retrieves the original message and rescans the entire content along with any web links.

  1. If the original email message is not available, ClickSMART scans the original web link.
  2. If the original message or web link is now considered to be malicious, then the user is warned of the risk, or blocked entirely from accessing the web page referenced by the URL – depending on the settings their administrator has chosen.

URL Protection Features and Benefits

  • Scans URLs in emails
  • Re-writes all web links in emails
  • Blocks URLs which could lead to phishing, spear phishing, spoofing and ransomware attacks
  • Customisable warning and block pages
  • Easy statistics report scheduling
  • Works with FuseMail’s SecureSMART email security service
  • Reduces security risks

How can we help?

We are a Fusemail Partner which enables us to provide businesses with the best security solutions on the market. We work closely with Fusemail to ensure that your business has the best product available tailoring both renewal and new business agreements to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Regular training is undertaken to keep our team up to date with Fusemail’s’ solutions to the very latest security threats. We offer discounts for various market sectors, downloadable trial versions and we are happy to discuss your current and future needs.

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If you would like more information about URL protection solutions for businesses, please contact our security specialists on 01392 824022.

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