Business Servers

Regardless of the size of your business, the right technology can make your business more efficient. Investing in a Server can make you business safer, more secure and ultimately more productive.

What is a Server?

A Server is essentially a powerful computer that holds data which is shared over a network and is dedicated to managing network resources. Like a PC, a Server runs an operating system, however a PC is designed for one persons needs whereas a Server is designed to support multiple users. It is also engineered to run many applications including, email, print, shared programs, databases and more.

Business small, medium or large will benefit from incorporating a Server into their network. Data is crucial to the success of any business, with employees handling increasing amounts of data a Server will provide the infrastructure required to support this and also allow businesses to work remotely through portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. Business Network Servers help keep your data secure and organised and will help you run your business more efficiently.

Network servers provide your business with a single solution for;

Email Management

File and Print Sharing


Internet connectivity

Remote Access Monitoring

Mobile Devices and more.


Your business server is at the heart of your IT infrastructure. It is vital that you purchase a solution that is not only reliable but suited to your business. We can take away the hassle of purchasing a business server and provide you with reliable products and technologies. We work with leading manufacturers including HP to provide Server solutions as well as offering a wide range of accessories, devices and services giving you everything required to set up your business.

We offer installation and configuration services, so we can carry out the complete project of installing a new business server from design, deployment and testing. Once your network is fully set up, we can provide on-going IT Support for all your systems.

How will a Server benefit your business?

  • A Server will provide a central place to store all of you business data, which ensure that it is easy to find for staff to access and share.
  • A Server will help protect your business as it is reliable and provides greater security by preventing unauthorised users accessing your crucial data.
  • Your business will be able to provide the facility for staff to work remotely, they will be able to access the information from virtually anywhere at anytime via a Server.
  • A Server will enable your staff to have shared access to resources such as the Internet and printers.
  • A Server will allow you to consolidate your email accounts with suppliers like Google into one account.
  • With automatic backups, a Server will help to prevent data loss and will also allow you to easily retrieve deleted files.

The Next Step…

We specialise in server installations and have expertise and knowledge in deploying, migrating and supporting server solutions that meet the needs of the your business, as well as providing advice on the right server solution for your business.

We can make sure that the hardware you purchase is suitable for the job required as well as ensuring that you get a return on your investment.

If you’d like more information about the role a Server could play in improving your business, or more details about any of our Server solutions, then please contact us on 01392 824022 or email us at

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