IT Network Solutions

The communication between your staff and your computers is reliant on your network infrastructure. A network infrastructure consists of various hardware components and software applications to ensure that your computers and staff are connected to each other and the outside world.

These are the networks that business use every time they go online, use wifi, or send an email.

We understand the importance of reliance, scalable, and accessible network in which to build your business. We work alongside businesses to create an appropriate network strategy for your network infrastructure, choosing the right hardware and network services as well as establishing and monitoring of your network.

We can help your business

  • Create a suitable strategy for your network infrastructure.
  • Select the right hardware and network services.
  • Set up and configure your network components.
  • Monitor your network for optimum performance.

Cabling Solutions

We provide quality IT cable installations, installed, terminated and tested by our own trained staff. Our long association with the industry has seen many changes in standards and technology, as a result we are able to support any existing IT cable installation as well as being able to offer the most up to date cable solutions. Quality cabling installations, combined with our ability to install network hardware and software from leading manufacturers will guarantee the most progressive Network solution available.

Network switches

Each and every network requires network switches. The purpose of a switch is to link your network devices with each other enabling communication between computers. Without a switch your staff can’t access a server or surf the Internet. The use of network switches is crucial for a powerful and efficient network. If the switch does not have enough throughput or does not provide the required ports, your network will quickly suffer from a bottleneck. Our team can ensure your data flows smoothly and remains accessible to users.

Integrated cabling solutions

We offer an extensive range of IT cabling installations allowing your computer and phone systems to be easily integrated. The type of cabling that we support and install are Category 5 & 6 (CAT5e), Coaxial and Fibre Optics, depending on your requirements. We can enhance your current IT network or set up a new IT cabling structure throughout your business premises.

We can design the entire cabling system, handle all the logistics, project manage the installation, and maintain it throughout its lifetime.

Our experience of the integration of PC systems, servers and phone systems with infrastructure cabling means we can ensure that your network provides maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Our team can work with you to design and implement your chosen solution. For smaller organisations we can utilise your budget in the best possible way to ensure your IT network and infrastructure delivers the business services that you depend on.

For larger organisations we can also assist in all aspects of your network. From server and rack installation, including thin client technology, whatever your requirement we have a solution for you

our network solutions

Network Assessment

Our team have the knowledge and experience to review your existing network infrastructure and performance. With this understanding of how your business runs and your requirements, we can identify the appropriate improvements to meet your business needs.

Network Management

By overseeing and managing your network we can review when things change or become more complex allowing us to guide you in order to ensure your solutions work for your business going forward.

Network Design

It is crucial that your network design reflects the infrastructure of your business and is tailored to meet your technical and financial goals. Our team will guide you through this process from start to finish to ensure that your network works for you.

Network Build

Our team can securely set up your network and will work with you directly to implement your network solution to your exact specifications.

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