What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something. Such as an operating system, server, a storage device or network resources. Virtualisation lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer.

Virtualisation is a proven technology but what are the benefits to businesses?

Benefits of virtualisation

Business Continuity

Unlike disaster recovery, business continuity is about quickly recovering from things like powercuts. With virtualisation the downtime would be dramatically reduced due to live migration.

Greater Flexibility

Virtualisation allows you to run multiple applications and operating systems on the same hardware.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A lower physical count will reduce ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.


Virtualisation maximises server space, which reduces the number of servers needed to store important company data. It is also highly scalable.

Reduced expenditure

Virtualisation will help to cut down on your business energy consumption, which will lower your monthly bill. The requirement for hardware is also lower and therefore there is less expenditure on physical servers.

Disaster recovery

Fires, theft and natural disasters happen often without warning. With virtualisation this becomes less of a worry, with regular server checks as the server can be restored in a matter of minutes reducing downtime.

Remote computing with virtual desktops

The virtual desktop separates the PC desktop environment from the physical machine with the help of virtual desktop infrastructure. This means that users can access the company network from their laptops, tablets or smart devices anywhere with Internet connection.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is great, however implementing virtualisation solutions is a process that requires a lot of planning.

We can offer you advice and guidance on introducing a virtual server into a business. Our virtualisation experts have the knowledge to manage the entire project including planning, implementing, migration and also providing support for your network thereafter.

The Next Step…

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, there are virtual solutions that are suitable for any business size.

We can provide the expertise to identify the best virtualisation solutions for your business and technical requirements. We will mange the entire project life cycle including planning, implementation, migration and support.

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