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Our engineers are experts in both Apple and Windows architecture, this allows us to provide high-quality IT support for Mac environments as well as mixed networks, integrating Windows and Mac together.

All our IT support contracts are available to Apple Mac and mixed networks, ideal for businesses using and relying on Apple computers, iPhones, iPads and other equipment. Whatever the size of your business, our priority is the same: to keep your Apple or mixed network running smoothly and to limit any downtime should any issues occur.

Our extensive experience of Apple and mixed networks allows us to provide a reliable and efficient IT Support service. Our engineers will ensure that your computers and network are running smoothly so your business can focus on what it good at.

Our services for Apple Mac networks

  • Remote support– we provide remote support for Apple and mixed networks.
  • Onsite support – We can provide on Site support to resolve your Issues.
  • Repairs and upgrades – Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini.
  • Integration with Microsoft networks.
  • Run windows applications – we can help you run windows software by configuring boot camp or virtualisation.

Apple Mac IT Support FAQ

Switching IT Support providers is easy, we take away the hassle and stress of switching so you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that your IT support is covered.

Firstly a member of our sales team will come out to meet you and your team to get an understanding our how your business works and what your business plan is for the next 5 years.

We will then arrange for one of our engineers to come out and complete an audit of your site so we can get an understanding and document your network.

Our team will then put together an audit document to advise of our findings and any changes or suggestions we feel would be beneficial to your business.

We will then work with your existing provider to ensure that all information is transferred to our team prior to us taking over, so there is no gaps in the support you are receiving.

If the company you’re leaving is unwilling to co-operate, it’s nothing to worry about. We will work to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible.

The only thing you will need to do is check when your existing contract is up and providing your existing IT support provider with notice that you are switching providers.

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Some IT support companies have strict contracts designed to prevent customers leaving before a certain date. Although these contracts can’t stop you from employing another IT support company, they may see you having to pay fees up until your contract’s end date.

However, if you’ve received an extremely poor service from your current supplier and they’ve failed to abide by their side of the contract, you may be within your right to leave early and avoid paying more fees.


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The quick answer is no.

We always work with the existing supplier to gain all the information we require to provide support, and if we are unable to get this information then this is not a problem as our team will complete a full audit before becoming your IT Support provider.

This is done well in advance so that we are fully prepared on the switch over day.

If you urgently require assistance from our team before information has been passed over or we have completed the audit then we are still more than happy to assist.

We have been in business for over 15 years and in that time we have taken on many customers so our team are well practised in this and will make the transition seamless and stress free for your team.

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The first thing to do if you have an IT Support problem is to log a Ticket with our IT Support Helpdesk. Then we can quickly sort it out for you.

There are 3 simple, easy ways of logging a Ticket.

  1. By telephone – 01392 824 022
  2. By email –
  3. By logging into our OTRS portal online via our website you can log a ticket directly into our ticketing system.

Once a ticket has been logged one of our engineers contact you to discuss and resolve your issue. We will likely asked for permission to remotely connect to your device, this will enable them to work on your issue as if they were sitting at your desk.

If the issue cannot be resolved remotely then an engineer will be sent to your site to look into the issue further.

Once an issue has been resolved the support ticket will be closed.

If the problem recurs again just get in touch. We can easily reopen the ticket and keep working on it until we solve it to your satisfaction.

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Yes our team are more than happy to provide you and your team with advice. When you take out an IT Support contract with us, this also includes help and advice on all IT issues pertaining to your business activities, so if you’re stuck with excel and don’t know how to do something, then call us and we’ll be happy to give you advice.

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Our technical team pro-actively monitor your network keeping your business downtime to a minimum. We invest in tools that proactively monitor your network and systems; they will highlight any potential issues enabling us to intervene before a small problem escalates into a major one.

Server Status Reports

As part of some of support packages we provide Server Status Reports (SSRs). These can also be purchased as a bolt-on to support contracts as well.

The Server Status reports are carried out either on a monthly or bimonthly basis, an engineer will remote access your server and run through a 16 point check list to in sure the server and network is fully functional.

Our SSR’s are designed to highlight any potential areas of failure that could occur, so that we can prevent them in advance and therefore provide better business continuity.

The results of the check are submitted in a report, clearly showing the status of the network and detailing our recommendations.

The report covers areas such as:

• Storage, memory and CPU
• Event logs and Backup
• Software updates and service packs

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No, our Fixed Fee IT support contract includes all site visits to resolve any IT Support issues.

Our rolling support contracts simply allow you to buy time in advance and use as you need. So if a site visit is required then this will just be taken from your support contract.

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Yes, we understand that some businesses do not confirm to the traditional working hours f 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. We offer IT support to businesses who operate out of normal working hours, this extends our regular technical support to include evenings and weekends, including bank holidays. Meaning our customers have the peace of mind that we are available should they have any requirements.

Take a look at our Extended Hours IT Support.

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Each of our IT Support contracts Offer different guaranteed response times as per the table below. However with recent research we have gathered the data below:

  • Our average response time is 9 minutes
  • Our average resolution time is 51 minutes
BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumFixed Fee
General Features

Major Business impact response time – Hours84311
Significant Business impact response time – Hours88642
All other faults response time – Hours88644


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Yes, as part of AME’s IT support when taking on any new client, we conduct an in-depth network survey. The results from this survey provide us and the client with a topographical view of their IT infrastructure. This would include all details on the server(s) and end user devices. This enables us to be able to provide our clients with a clear traffic light style report that would highlight (green) good practice, (orange) areas that we suggest may require further attention and finally (red) areas that would require immediate attention.

This document forms the start of our IT roadmap with every client. Our planning meetings scheduled in advance of the clients’ budget reviews will look at the short, medium and long-term objectives (typically up to 5 years), but we will also look more frequently at the clients hardware/software, licenses and warranties to make sure they are up to date or comply with the providers recommendations to eliminate the risks of end of life or support events.

We pride ourselves on the clear communication and guidance given to our clients in advance of such events. We prefer to advise on the topic, give information on what is happening and when, and then give options on how to proceed when the time is right. For example, we started to advise clients of the end of support for Windows 7 at the end of 2018 in a newsletter even though the end of support date was not until 14th January 2020. We followed this up by a direct email in January 2019 and a specific device count and recommendation in February 2019. Many of our clients had therefore prepared for this event by summer 2019 and those that had still to act, had many more phone calls and emails from their account manager throughout the second half of 2019 so there were no late surprises.

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Standard practice at AME is to manage any project delivery from concept to project completion. As part of any project we are used to dealing and cooperating with 3rd party organisations and suppliers. All our technical engineers are Microsoft qualified personnel, as well as being qualified with other manufacturers and vendors. We have partner relationships and account managers with the majority of IT vendors, enabling us to be able to utilise these relationships should our clients’ needs arise. It also enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments in the IT world, this in turn enables our clients to maximise their investments and services, ensuring that the benefits of any new technology can be discussed.

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The skillset and knowledge of our team is the foundation of AME’s success. So many of our clients come from referrals, which is on the back of our team having a wealth of experience, knowledge and qualifications in the IT sector. With our dedication to treat each client the same, maintain high levels of service and fast response times, this leads to receiving fantastic feedback when we carry out surveys with our clients.

Every AME IT system engineer must have at least one Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) qualification and many of the team have the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE) or equivalent level.

We do require the team to take other training and qualifications as part of their continuing professional development in all areas of IT and with the brands/vendors we work with.

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We pride ourselves on providing quality IT solutions and training with a personal, friendly approach. We endeavour to provide the services and solutions to the level of a national company with the personal service and support of a local company.

Our clients rely on us to provide them with best practice solutions for their IT environment. Our links to the major vendors enables us to be kept abreast of the latest developments in IT technology. As part of this service we can invite account managers from the various organisations to attend strategy meetings, showcase the latest technology, and gain invitations to vendor events.

We are more than happy for you to approach any of our existing IT Support Customers for a testimonial to our excellent services. Testimonials from the companies can also be found on our website.

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We aim to support all software, and in most cases we are able to. If you use bespoke third-party software, we will happily assist you in managing those relationships effectively for your business. It is likely that you will need a support agreement direct with the manufacturer of the software so that you are entitled to regular software updates and this will also enable us to work with the software company to resolve your issues.

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Contact us on 01392 824022 or email us at to discuss your IT requirements and we will arrange a free audit and IT consultation.

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