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Large portions of the globe are on lockdown amid the outbreak of COVID-19. The Wold Health Organisation situation report confirmed that as of Tuesday 17th March that COVID-19 has resulted in 188,297 confirmed cases and 7,499 deaths.

If there’s one thing certain, it’s that every time there’s a major news story or world event, hackers jump at the chance to take advantage to launch attacks against unsuspecting victims – unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

Since January, more than 4,000 coronavirus-themed web domains have popped up. It’s suggested that around 5 percent of these are suspicious and 3 percent malicious. The websites would likely be used as part of email campaigns to lure victims to click on dangerous links.

Cybersecurity firms are reporting a notable increase in attacks against a range of targets, all using the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as a hook to trick their victims into running malware.

Cybercriminals are using the coronavirus to spread several different types of malware. Some of these campaigns imitate “trusted” organisations like the World Health Organization and to infect their victims.

Researchers say that attackers aren’t just using the coronavirus as a cover for spreading malware. There is evidence of what appears to be the first case of a coronavirus-themed business email compromise attack, designed to trick businesses into turning over money.

There has also been an increase of targeted attacks against executives in conjunction with this pandemic.

Another big vulnerability is hackers accessing sensitive data through Wi-Fi networks. Individuals are typically using their home networks for their work to further isolate data or accessing public Wi-Fi.

Individuals have also been targeted by Coronavirus-themed phishing emails with infected attachments containing fictitious ‘safety measures”, such attacks have recently become more targeted, with greater numbers focusing on specific sectors like shipping, transport or retail to increase the likelihood of success.

One way to fight back against these attacks is by ensuring the employees are aware of the threats they are facing and educating the workforce.

Quickly train employees to work from home safely and securely

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, organisations are implementing work-from-home policies. Yet for many businesses, managing an entirely remote workforce is completely new, which means they may lack the processes, policies and technologies that enable employees to work from home safely and securely. In addition, many employees may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the idea of working from home.

How Can AME partnering with Amica Help

COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented in demand for our Cyber Security in the Home and Cyber Security for Business courses.

Considering the current situation, we have taken the decision to make our Cyber Security for Home Users available for £9.99.

The course provides easy-to-understand advice and tips to help individuals better understand Cyber Security in the Home and On-The-Move. The content is designed to familiarise individuals with the risks they face and will make them a little more “tech savvy” and most importantly improve their security awareness.

The course covers such topics such as, the Importance of Cyber Security, Phishing, Ransomware, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Protecting Your Wireless Router, Staying Safe On Social Media, Securing Your Mobile Phone (both iPhone and Android), Smart TVs, The Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

About Amica

Amica is the leader in cyber, governance, risk and compliance training.

All our courses are developed by our in-house subject matter experts who have all held senior roles in industry, professional services and academia.

Our training is proven in hundreds of companies across multiple sectors. We have over one million individuals on our LMS platform, providing training for all business sizes and sectors, from sole-traders to multi-national organisations.

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Cyber Security Awareness Online Training Course 


Staff awareness forms a large part of the regulation. That’s why you need to arm yourself and your staff with the information they need to make significant strides towards compliance.

We offer the vital staff training and awareness that your business needs and empower your employees to protect your organisation. We do this with adaptive learning that transforms the way your employees react and respond to cyber threats.

Whether you are new to cyber security or you are an experienced security professional looking to enhance your skills, we can help you or your business to find the right training.


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