AME Reload Disclaimer Form

I can confirm that I give my full consent for AME to wipe and format/reload the above device. I fully understand that once this process has begun that no data or programs can be retrieved other than what has been asked by myself to be backed up.

I confirm that I have gone through with the AME engineer everything that needs to be backed up prior to this process starting and I have made the engineer aware of any programs that are used on this PC – I also understand that without the original install media and/or license keys AME may not be able to re-install these applications.

I also confirm that if multiple users use this PC that I have made the AME engineer aware of any data or programs that are stored in these user profiles as well.

Any Office customisation's that were carried out by the user to customise their own Office installation can not be backed up.

Any other customisation's carried out by the user i.e screen fonts, text sizes, icon location placement, themes will not be backed up and must be re-created by the user.

If you are unsure that a program on the PC is being backed up already or where the data for that program resides then please ask the AME engineer to clarify and check prior to signing this form.

Data Examples:

  • Desktop data
  • Documents folder data (Check local documents and offline folder documents are the same?)
  • Pictures folder data
  • Music folder data
  • Any other folders created outside of the user profile area i.e c:data
  • Browser favourites
  • Outlook autocomplete email addresses
  • Outlook .PST files – including archives
  • VPN connections
  • Any form of database applications
  • Any form of software application

  • Before submitting please enter the following: